A fresh new app design

Our objectives aimed at elevating the customer experience, streamlining checkouts, and introducing flexibility with features such as loyalty programs. Through the creation of advanced user journey maps, we envisioned and customized the design for an enhanced and personalized experience.

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User Interviews
User personas
Mobile App Design
High-fidelity prototype
Project scope

The main objective is to properly respond to mobile phone users by personalizing their experience and the messages they receive so that they can perceive the application as a shopping assistant


We’ve set up advanced user journey maps to gain deeper insights into how our end users engage with our app across multiple channels. By comprehensively visualizing modern user interactions, we've successfully immersed ourselves in the customer's perspective, enabling us to craft a more intuitive and streamlined design that greatly enhances the user experience. Our meticulous user flow analysis tracks the seamless progression of users from app launch through the exploration of all functionalities, empowering them to take meaningful actions with ease.

Design & Prototype

An exceptionally robust and user-friendly mobile application designed to enhance the overall customer experience. This includes streamlining the checkout flow to minimize the time required for order placement. Additionally, the application offers a personalized touch through tailored experiences and messages for each user.

/Final words

The resulting app represents a seamless progression from launch to improved functionality, placing a strong emphasis on user engagement and satisfaction

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