The client

As a leading multi-category consumer goods enterprise, British American Tobacco has forged a lasting legacy over decades, catering to the discerning preferences of adult smokers with top-tier cigarette brands, exceptional products, and pioneering innovations. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the market, the company has embarked on a refined strategy, placing heightened emphasis on their New Category products. This strategic pivot is underpinned by sustained investments, fueled by the continued success of their traditional tobacco business.

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Project scope

Unify all existing platforms for THP and FMC users (,, & into a unique consumer-facing touchpoint: a single sign-on, progressive app. Create a living ecosystem - to build loyalty, and a unique community - to generate advocacy and deliver sustainable growth.


The company's primary objective is to expand its membership base organically through targeted outreach campaigns and strategic partnerships, while simultaneously enhancing engagement across all brands. This will be achieved by delivering personalized experiences tailored to each brand's identity and audience preferences. Additionally, the company aims to maximize monetization potential by prioritizing member retention efforts, promoting upgrades to premium tiers, and driving higher engagement through curated content and interactive features. Through these initiatives, the company seeks to grow its total membership base and brand-specific engagement, ultimately increasing revenue streams by maximizing member lifetime value.

Design highlights

OneUP was meticulously crafted with existing platforms in consideration. Our challenge was to harmonize various styles into a unified, user-centric application. Adopting a dark theme, we placed paramount emphasis on imagery and content, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, we carefully tailored each brand's visual identity to maintain differentiation while aligning with their unique styles. This approach not only fosters coherence across the platform but also enhances brand recognition and engagement.

/Final words

Focusing on the exclusive target audience of FMC & THP consumers over 18 residing in Romania, our platform's design embodies a fusion of contemporary flair and international allure. While catering to diverse user personas spanning Baby Boomers to Gen Z, our design ethos resonates with young, educated adults propelled by a quest for status and novelty. Embracing the spirit of early adopters, our interface promises a seamless blend of sophistication and innovation, delivering value through fashionable aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. From sleek to modern visuals, our design narrative caters to the discerning tastes of individuals who seek both stylish expression and experiential exploration, ensuring a captivating journey for every user.

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